Mt Battery Coombesberg and Long Lane

Mansfield and Surrounds

  • Trail type: Gravel
  • Difficulty: Green
  • Distance: 33 km
Ride Description

• From the Mansfield Botanic Park, where the local cycling club's bunch rides start, head towards Mt Buller along Mt Battery Road. The gravel leads to Graves Road;
• Turn left, then turn left again onto Old Tolmie Road and punch it up the Coombesberg;
• With the biggest hill behind you, descend to Long Lane and turn left onto the gravel. There are Give Way and Stop signs to heed, and one section which can be a bit moist during wet periods, but otherwise this is smooth, fast and fun;
• At the end of the gravel, turn left onto the Midland Highway towards Mansfield;
• Just before you descend into town, turn left again into Carlisle Hill Road, with views over Mansfield;
• Turning right again onto the bitumen of Mansfield-Whitfield Road returns you to the Mansfield Botanic Park.