Victorian Enduro Tour- Falls Creek Round 

1 Slalom Street Falls Creek Victoria

The leading series of Gravity Enduro Races in Australia.

Taking place across the best venues in the heart of Australia’s premier riding zones the Victorian Enduro Tour offers racers the opportunity to challenge themselves on some of the best riding in the Country.

A Gravity Enduro race is conducted around a set course that includes uphills and downhills (like any ride really), but in a Gravity Enduro you are only timed over the designated downhill segments, you can ride at your own pace to the top of the next segment and then race downhill again. These time-out segments allow you to wait for your mates and compare stories and then ride on together in a friendly, social scene until its time to drop the hammer and race downhill again.

The descents vary in technicality but if there are technical sections there is often an easier B-Line so riders of all abilities can get down fine. Junior riders often tackle a reduced course to take out some of the distance and technicality for our less experienced riders (in line with Aus Cycling Guidelines).

So if you have not done a gravity enduro before then check out the Victorian Enduro Tour events and join the evolution.


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