Susan Weymouth

Hi. I am 58 years old and I work for the Dept of Education in an administration role. I have been cycling for about 8 years. I first got into cycling when I was driving my son to cycling events and noticed how many old guys were riding and thought I would love to do that and so began the journey.

I have had a couple of operations which has kept me on the side lines for months at a time – but I am inspired to get back on the bike and ride by a lady friend called Anne, who has overcome many challenging medical problems herself. I ride each Saturday morning with a group of like minded ladies, the youngest member being 48 to our oldest being 60 years old.  I ride for fitness, health and wellbeing and most of all for the wonderful friendships that I have now with the women I ride with. These ladies are so much fun to be with and we do an awful lot of laughing at our coffee stops (which there are many of).  We love to explore new places but we feel we have the best riding place off all which is the Mornington Peninsula.  Cycling is definitely my time out. I just get on my bike and feel the freedom.

The first Peak I ever climbed was Mt Buller and it still remains one of my favorites, I felt very emotional when I finished that ride. I cycled all the way without stopping with my friend Gen, it was a great achievement by both of us. The ride down the mountain was a great reward after the climb. I have done the 7 Peaks challenge twice now and one of our ladies wants to do it for the first time this coming season so I guess I will be trying for a third time!

We all feel so very lucky to be fit and healthy and to be able to experience the joy of riding.