Ford’s Bridge 

Road Ride
86 km
White: First timer
Green: Beginner
Blue: Intermediate
Black: Advanced
Double Black: Expert

• Start by heading south at the McDonalds roundabout, past the hospital and turn right at Benalla-Tatong Road.
• After crossing the freeway, turn right at Samaria Road and head south for about 20km.
• Turn left into Tatong-Moorngag Road and ride into Tatong.
• Turn right and follow the Tatong-Tolmie Road all the way out to Ford's bridge.
• Turn back and ride back into Tatong and grab something to eat and drink at the Tavern.
• Follow the Benalla-Tatong Road north and turn right at Molyullah-Tatong Road.
• After 10km's turn left into Kilfeera Road and follow it back to Benalla.


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