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Fun Facts - Comparing Tour de France with Victoria's High Country


Col du Tourmalet is the Tour de France’s most visited Hors Categorie climb at 1268m in elevation
Mt Hotham is the High Country’s most iconic Hors Categorie climb at 1304m in elevation

Mountain Peaks

The 2019 Tour de France has five mountain top finishes
Victoria's High Country has five Category 1 and Hors Categorie mountain climbs accessible from one location


12 million spectators will line the roads and cram the riders throughout the Tour
There are no crowds in the High Country, in fact our roads and trails are pretty much traffic free

Food & Wine

France has Champagne that you can enjoy with triple cream Brie and a baguette
The High Country has Prosecco that you can enjoy with ashed goats cheese and sourdough


France is voted Europe’s number 1 cycling country
The High Country is Australia’s premier cycling destination

Rest Days

On ‘Rest Days’ at Le Tour, the cyclists ride their bikes
On rest days in the High Country you can hit up a brewery, sample some wine, swim with the kids, go for a bushwalk...or maybe even a ski


The 2019 Tour de France will cover 3460km
There are endless kilometres of quiet country roads for you to explore in the High Country


Over 42,000 water bottle will be used throughout the Tour de France
Just fill your water bottle at a roadside stream or spring when you are in the High Country

Pain Relief

Until the 1960s, riders used to drink alcohol to numb the pain (a practice that is now banned)
Nowadays we head to a favourite High Country Brewery post ride, to recount tall stories of our monumental efforts and immeasurable pain

Travel Times

Paris is over 22hours from Melbourne
Victoria’s High Country is less than 3 hours from Melboune


France is approximately 645,000 km2, about the same size as two Victoria’s
The High Country covers 24,000 km2, roughly the same size as the French Alps

Up hills and down, from wide open trails to twisting singletrack. You'll find big mountain biking adventures in Victoria's High Country.

Mountain biking's new frontier

Relaxed rail trails

A relaxed pedal with the wind in your hair, or a multi-day adventure. The off-road Rail Trail cycle network in Victoria's High Country is varied & spectacular.

Feet on the pedals, head in the clouds

Victoria’s High Country has some of the highest mountains in Australia. Perfect for long climbs and speedy descents.

Cycling at its peak