7 Peaks Champions Jersey by MAAP Released!

Drum roll please….

The highly anticipated moment that we know many of you have been waiting for is finally here! We are so excited to show you the very first images of the 2019-20 7 Peaks Champions Jersey, expertly designed and manufactured by our good friends at MAAP.

Front side of 7 Peaks Champions Jersey 2020 by MAAP

Reverse side of 7 Peaks Champions Jersey 2020 by MAAP

Wow! We’re sure that you’re as blown away by this beautiful design as we were at Ride High Country Central when we first saw the mock ups. What a cracker!

Featuring the names of each of the 7 Peaks, this designs draws inspiration from the MAAP’s own experience riding in the High Country. Is there anything more magical than experiencing a sunset (or sunrise for that matter) from the summit of a conquered High Country climb? The exhilaration and the colours will stay with you for a lifetime!

As you’d expect from MAAP, the contemporary design has been expertly matched with a high-performance fabric choice… the perfect jersey for a day of climbing.

The 2018-19 jersey will be available to anyone who completed all 7 Peaks during the 2019-20 season. Simply email a record of your rides (send your Strava ID or photos) to [email protected] to receive a code to buy the Champions Jersey.

Happy climbing!

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