7 Peaks Season and Jersey Announcement

Happy Easter! On behalf of everyone here at Ride High Country Central, we hope that you had safe, relaxing long weekend. It’s a strange world out there right now. No matter what circumstance you find yourself in, we hope that you are still managing to get some cycling in, albeit on a trainer or a quiet route near you. Look after your physical and mental health and dream of when we can all ride in the High Country again.

You may have guessed as much, but with the current travel restrictions and closure of Victoria’s National Parks and the Alpine Resorts, it means that we are officially drawing the curtains on this season’s 7 Peaks. It’s an early finish and as much as we’d love for you to #RollOnBack to finish your challenge, it is in everyone’s best interests if we do so at a safer time. When that will be, who knows…but like you, we are looking forward to long alpine climbs again someday soon.

But just because your best laid plans this season were scuppered, first by the bushfires and then by Covid-19, doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the 2019-20 official 7 Peaks Champions Jersey. We trust you…we know you’d planned to complete all 7 climbs by the end of April 2020. So that’s why, with our good friends at MAAP, we are opening jersey orders to anyone who has completed three of the 7 Peaks since opening weekend on the 25th of October 2019.

Jersey’s will be allocated on a first in, best dressed basis. So if you have completed at least three of the Peaks (or indeed all seven, but you’d forgotten to register your accomplishments) please send your details including Strava ID Number and details of your accomplishment to [email protected]. Once verified, we’ll get the code to you to unlock the limited edition MAAP x 7 Peaks Champion’s Jersey, so you truly can be the best dressed cyclist on Zwift…and then on your next High Country cycling adventure.

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