Cyclist Magazine takes on the Women’s 3 Peaks Weekend

“For many, cycling transcend the everyday hobby. It means more to us than most could ever understand. But inside this world filled with beauty, personal challenges and togetherness, there’s a community bound together by more than just bikes.”

Thank you, Zoe Clayton-Smith… never has a truer word been spoken.

In this article for Cyclist magazine, Zoe and Coco Henry (photographer and riding partner) head to Bright to catch up with the founders of the High Country Women’s Cycling Festival for their ‘Women’s 3 Peaks Weekend’. With climbs to Falls Creek, Hotham and Mount Buffalo (and a host of rolling valleys in between), Zoe and Coco certainly packed a heap of cycling into their long weekend… 235km of it, to be exact.

Was it the terrain or the tour that made the weekend so memorable?

“As I near the top of Mount Buffalo on the final day, I peer at the stunning alpine landscape and feel a huge sense of tranquility. I’m in my happy place.”

Or was it something more?

“To do it with an awesome group of women only heightens my sensations.”

One thing is for certain, this is an article worth reading to find out! Grab yourself a copy of Cyclist #45 to get all the details. It’s out now.

NB: if you like the sound of the Women’s 3 Peaks Weekend, be sure to get all the details on the High Country Women’s Cycling Festival 2020. Originally postponed due to bushfires and then travel lockdowns, it is back on from 16-18 October. Based in Bright, book now to avoid disappointment.

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