Mud Wars… Cyclocross returns to Beechworth!

It’s been over three years since the last race of the Vic Series Cyclocross series was held at Lake Sambell in Beechworth. Well, in 2022 it’s back … and not just one race but two.

On 13-14 August the natural amphitheatre between the Lake Sambell Caravan Park and Lake Sambell itself provides the arena for two days of exciting cyclocross racing with the open landscape enabling full views of the course for spectating from just about anywhere.

The course itself will contain some classic features of past races such as Hennessey’s Hill (can you get up without unclipping?), Wes’s Maze (once you go in, you may never come out), the mini pump track “Il Pumpolino” and the notorious Pondage Crossing (turn left too late and you are in the lake). Some new and classic CX features will be included for the 2022 race including Plankety Planks (are you good enough to bunny hop them?), Trav’s Death Stairs (there’s no riding them) and The Sawtooth (pray it doesn’t rain the day before).

Coffee, food and beer (Bridge Road Brewers of course!) will be available on site so not only is your pre-race stimulation covered, so is your post-race energy replacement and fluid intake.

Do it properly and stay on site at the Lake Sambell Caravan Park on a powered or unpowered site or in one of their warm, cosy cabins. Imagine stepping off your bike, race won, and straight into a hot shower with clean clothes waiting for you before heading over to the food and beer tent ready to heckle your mates in the next race. BYO cowbells and gongs.

Beechworth Cyclocross Mud Wars

Beechworth Cyclocross Mud Wars

Categories for CX bikes (drop bars, <35mm tyres) are the usual A, B and C Grades for both Women and Men. There is also the Open Category for anyone who wants to have a go at 'cross racing but doesn’t have the right hardware. We’re looking at you gravel grinders! The setup will even have race specific music playlists for each category to help you keep the cadence up. If you were there in 2018 who could forget Daft Punk's "Around The World" on constant rotation to get you around Wes's Maze.

There will be a kids race for the mini-shredders on balance bikes and up to 20” wheels. Please note, anyone that chooses to run after their kids in this race do so at their own risk of being labelled helicopter parents.

So shake off those wintery post-pandemic blues, dust off your trusty knobby-tyred steed and come join us in Beechworth for a packed weekend of cyclocross racing and happy times with your crew. Let’s get racing!

Entry tickets available here.

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