Shout Out to Blue Dirt and HVP for Trail Maintenance

On behalf of all users of Mystic Mountain Bike Park, Ride High Country would like to give a shout out and massive thanks to the teams from Blue Dirt and HVP for the incredible amount of trail maintenance that has been completed during the recent travel restrictions. Since COVID-19 changed working conditions at both organisations, teams of workers have been hard at work cleaning and maintaining some of the region’s most loved trails.

Blue Dirt have told us ‘Some much needed love has been given to some of the tech trails, some changes you will see and some you won’t. Drainage, structural support, and preventative erosion control are the hidden hero’s while the things that sparkle are the rebuilt berms, correct alignments and washout repairs.’ With winter now making its presence felt, this work couldn’t have come at a better time to ensure they are bedded in and running well.

No matter where you are riding, please keep an eye out for trail crew dedicating their time to ensure your fun and safety, slow down, flash them a smile and be sure to thank them personally for their hard work.

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