Nest House 

3 Spion Kopje Road Bright Victoria

The layout of Nest House encourages both times spent together, and time spent alone.

For those that love to entertain, this is a fabulous home for doing so. With an abundance of rooms and separate spaces there are plenty of options to gather to eat, play or sit back and enjoy a movie together.

Multiple living spaces also ticks the boxes for travelling families as it gives parents and children separate spots to relax and play.

The beautifully styled living room provides the perfect space to sit together, with plenty of comfortable seating, a central television and well positioned corner fireplace, perfect for Bright's cooler months.

A gourmet kitchen, overlooking the large dining setting, is perfectly positioned for the chef of the family to still be part of the fun whilst whipping up delicious meals using Bright's fresh local produce.

If you are after some quiet time, there are ample spaces to settle in and enjoy finishing that novel you have on the go, or to relax in your favourite corner of the house. Our favourite cosy spots to curl up are the reading nook by the fire and the outdoor couch overlooking the gardens and visiting birdlife.


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