Dealing with Adversity…the Bright Way.

Ever wondered what it would be like to move to cycling nirvana?

After returning from racing bikes for the MAAP Cyclocross Team in the USA, Japan and Europe, Fiona and her husband Garry made plans to head to Victoria’s High Country. Settling on Bright as the place they’d call home, they thought they’d found their new Mecca. ‘It was the best of all worlds, a small-town feel with just the right amount of city vibes – great coffee, good food and a bunch of road cyclists and MTBers who were happy to welcome us to the fold.’

But before long, bushfires and COVID-19 restrictions put an end to socialisation, group rides, training camps and racing. What’s a cyclist to do?

Rather than pedalling in her own iso bubble in her garage on Zwift, Fiona set about designing a new challenge. A challenge that would inspire a bunch of Bright’s resident cyclists to re engage with the nature, roads and trails that had brought many of them to this idealistic location in the first place.

You can check out Fiona’s blog here…who knows, it might provide you with some inspiration on how to maintain motivation and purpose in these changing times.

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