Ride High Country #inspo

If you are anything like us, you’ve used your time in lockdown to work on your bikes, fit a couple of upgrades, build new bike storage in the garage and balanced your schedule out by spending a ridiculous amount of time disappearing down the rabbit hole watching bike riding content on YouTube. Yeah, it’s been fun, but we’re all just about ready to start planning that trip we’ve been dreaming of, putting an end to this slightly pudgy period in our life…when we get the all clear of course.

If you are looking for a little Ride High Country inspiration, to get you out and riding this winter, you should check out this article on Treadlie. With snow on the hills following a burst of winter, this article titled ‘Gravel & Grit’ has great insight into some of the best High Country experiences for gravelleurs. If you’re an experienced gravel rider or have just picked it up during the lockdown, this article is sure to provide you with the aha moment you need to start planning a trip. And yes…there’s plenty of riding through snow too!

And while we are talking inspiration, have you seen the Ride High Country YouTube channel? No matter if you are looking for gravel, road, rail trail or mountain bike gold, we’ve got you covered! And to get you started, here’s Paul van der Ploeg doing what he does best…exploring the High Country with new friends on a multitude of bikes.


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