The ups & downs, and in betweens of the 7 Peaks

**Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, 7 Peaks has been suspended. Learn more here.**

Victoria’s 7 Peaks Ride is an at-your-own pace cycling challenge which runs from October to April each year, taking you up winding mountain roads, around steep turns and past spectacular views right to the top of seven Victorian Alpine Resorts.

Last summer marked the 13th season of the 7 Peaks! For the 2019/2020, we heard your feedback and made it even easier to achieve your goal. All you need to do is to join the official 7 Peaks Ride Strava Club. There's no registration, no app, no passport. Just join the Club and start riding the peaks, recording your activity on Strava.

Ride one peak or conquer all seven? What's your challenge?


Whether you're aiming to take down all 7 Peaks, or attempting your first mountain climb, be sure to school up on the important details of the rides and the facilities at the top: