The ups & downs, and in betweens of the 7 Peaks

Victoria’s 7 Peaks Ride is an at-your-own pace cycling challenge which runs from October 2018 to 28 April 2019, taking you up winding mountain roads, around steep turns and past spectacular views right to the top of seven Victorian Alpine Resorts.

The 7 Peaks Digital Passport will be the proof of your cycling toughness. Once you have completed your peaks and logged them with our 7 Peaks App, or submitted your stamped paper passport, you will go into the draw to win the major prize.

It doesn't count (well, officially speaking) unless you're registered for your digital passport. Make sure you're all signed up before you clip in!


Whether you're aiming to take down all 7 Peaks, or attempting your first mountain climb, be sure to school up on the important details of the rides and the facilities at the top.