The ups & downs, and in betweens of the 7 Peaks

The High Country’s 7 Peaks Ride is an at-your-own pace cycling challenge which runs from October to April each year, taking you up winding mountain roads, around steep turns and past spectacular views right to the top of seven Victorian Alpine Resorts.

7 Peaks has seen thousands of road cyclists escape their flat city roads and challenge themselves up climbs that wouldn’t be out of place on a Tour de France stage.

There is no registration or passport, simply choose your dates and plan your rides.

Ride one peak or conquer all seven? What's your challenge?


The 7 Peaks are the 7 road climbs up to the alpine resorts of Lake Mountain, Mt Baw Baw, Mt Buller, Mt Hotham, Falls Creek, Mt Buffalo and Dinner Plain. Climb them all and you’ll have ascended more than 7,000m over 160km.

  • Lake Mountain: Distance 20.9km, Rise 932m, Grade Average 4%, Grade Max 10%.
  • Mt Baw Baw: Distance 6.5km, Rise 741m, Grade Average 11.4%, Grade Max 20.6%.
  • Mt Buller: Distance 15.3km, Rise 921m, Grade Average 6.2%, Grade Max 13%.
  • Mt Hotham: Distance 30km, Rise 1,321m, Grade Average 4%, Grade Max 18%.
  • Falls Creek: Distance 29.5km, Rise 1,129m, Grade Average 4%, Grade Max 10%.
  • Mt Buffalo: Distance 20.4km, Rise 1,015m, Grade Average 5%, Grade Max 11%.
  • Dinner Plain: Distance 42.8km, Rise 943m, Grade Average 2%, Grade Max 11%.


Our recommended 7 Peaks season runs from late spring through to mid-autumn (October through to April), as each of the 7 Peaks routes take riders into Australia's alpine areas which are usually inaccessible to cyclists during the winter months. It is important to note that snow falls are possible year round in the High Country, and all cyclists should check weather conditions before commencing each ascent.


It’s a good idea to check that roads are open before you go. For Victorian road closures check out the VicRoads website.

Road maintenance can also affect your ride. Regional Roads Victoria recently informed us they're undertaking maintenance on sections of the Great Alpine Road between Harrietville and Mount Hotham over summer. The road won't be closed, but road quality may be affected while works are on. Their website isn't showing this currently.

For events and activities that may have an impact on traffic and road conditions check each Peak's page below.


Always check the weather forecast before you set off on your ride:

Mt Baw Baw
Mount Buffalo (Bright)
Mt Buller
Dinner Plain & Hotham
Falls Creek
Lake Mountain


Stay Informed
Official emergency warnings are broadcast on ABC Local Radio and commercial radio stations across Victoria and on SkyNews television. Make sure you are aware of the conditions and listen to warnings by tuning into one of the local radio stations, SkyNews or visiting the Emergency Services website.
Alpine Safety
Always check the weather forecast before you set off on your ride.
Alpine weather changes very quickly, even in summer.
Always tell someone where you are going and when you expect to return.
Always carry adequate clothing for changing weather conditions.
Always carry adequate water and food as you might not be able to access either at the top of the climb.
Carry a mobile phone, but be aware that mobile coverage is not guaranteed.
Fire Safety
Be fire ready and stay safe. Be aware of the Fire Danger Rating for the day you are cycling, especially in high fire-risk areas. If the day is declared a day of Code Red fire danger follow the advice from emergency services. For up-to-date information on fire danger ratings in Victoria or general safety advice contact 1800 240 667 and check out the CFA website.


Know the rules, share the road and enjoy the ride.  Download the Code of Conduct.


Whether you're aiming to take down all 7 Peaks, or attempting your first mountain climb, be sure to school up on the important details of the rides and the facilities at the top: