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FALLS CREEK 30.9km 1181m

DINNER PLAIN 42.8km 943m

MT HOTHAM 32.4km 1347m

MT BULLER 15.3km 921m

MT BUFFALO 20.4km 1015m

LAKE MOUNTAIN 20.9km 932m

MT BAW BAW 6.5km 741m

Conquer the alpine peaks of Victoria's High Country.

7 Peaks - This is True Roadie Heaven

Australia’s most awe-inspiring, scenic and challenging road climbs – the 7 Peaks of Mount Buffalo, Mt Buller, Dinner Plain, Falls Creek, Mt Hotham, Mt Baw Baw and Lake Mountain – are all right here in Victoria’s High Country. Ride one or ride them all to experience spectacular views and epic riding to match any of the classic European tarmac climbs of the Alps, Dolomites or Pyrenees.

Climb them all and you’ll have ascended more than 7,000m over 160km.

Riding season runs from October to April every year. Ride in spring to prepare for the legendary Peaks Challenge road cycling events over summer, ride in summer to escape the heat in the valleys, or visit in autumn to top off your summer of cycling in style.

Mt Hotham

Distance 30km, Rise 1,321m, Grade Average 4%, Grade Max 18%.

Catch Mt Hotham’s ascent on a bluebird day and you'll spend more time marvelling at the views than hunting for your granny gear. The "middle third" after The Meg is gentle on the legs and easy on the eyes, with iconic views across to the Razorback and Feathertop. Steel yourself for a big effort up CRB Hill before you savour the views from Danny’s Lookout and The Cross.

ROADIE TIP: The General in Hotham village is open year-round for a post-climb feed.

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Mount Hotham Road Cycling MAAP
Ride High Country | 7 Peaks Falls Creek

Falls Creek

Distance 29.5km, Rise 1,129m, Grade Average 4%, Grade Max 10%.

Starting in Mount Beauty, Falls Creek is a 30km test that ramps up the gradient the higher you climb. The first half to Bogong village winds through tall timber and lush tree ferns, but keep some juice in reserve. Once the road markings turn yellow at the bridge you know you're in for some vertical. It’s breathtaking in more ways than one.

ROADIE TIP: Stay at Falls Creek overnight and ride the iconic Back of Falls the next day.

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Mt Buffalo

Distance 20.4km, Rise 1,015m, Grade Average 5%, Grade Max 11%.

Take a true test of stamina on the High Country peak that records the most ascents year after year, Mount Buffalo. Notorious for its consistent 5% gradient over a full 20km, be sure to take plenty of water and food. Ride at dawn or in the evening for the best chance of a car-free run, especially in summer.

ROADIE TIP: Officially the 7 Peaks climb ends at the Chalet, but purists ride the extra 11km (including some gravel) to The Horn.

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Ride High Country | 7 Peaks Mt Buffalo
Ride High Country | 7 Peaks Mt Buller

Mt Buller

Distance 15.3km, Rise 921m, Grade Average 6.2%, Grade Max 13%.

Mt Buller’s iconic alpine village is a welcome sight after conquering the 15km climb up from the ticket box in Mirimbah. Savour those beautiful hairpins in the last 5km, but don’t peak too early – Hell Corner awaits. Doing this properly? Ride past the official finish all the way to The Arlberg.

ROADIE TIP: Start your ride at Merrijig’s Hunt Club Hotel or back in Mansfield for the perfect warm-up, and a good opportunity for a post-ride feed.

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Dinner Plain

Distance 42.8km, Rise 943m, Grade Average 2%, Grade Max 11%.

Dinner Plain is the longest of the 7 Peaks at 42km, yet even with the (mostly) kind gradient, this is not a ride to underestimate. Stay for the weekend in the Dinner Plain village, ride to Omeo and back on day one and save day two for the Hotham climb.

ROADIE TIP: Pack your mountain bike too, and hit up the Dinner Plain MTB trails.

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Ride High Country | 7 Peaks Dinner Plain
Ride High Country | 7 Peaks Lake Mountain

Lake Mountain

Distance 20.9km, Rise 932m, Grade Average 4%, Grade Max 10%.

Just an hour from Melbourne, Lake Mountain is easy to knock over in a
morning (Well, some of it's easy. Some of it is most definitely not). But why rush it when you can savour it? There's some incredible tall timber to ride through before the mountain ash gives way to the snowgums, and with Marysville as the base town at the foot of the climb there's plenty for you to explore on and off the bike.

ROADIE TIP: The first 4km is the toughest part, so be sure to warm up.

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Mt Baw Baw

Distance 6.5km, Rise 741m, Grade Average 11.4%, Grade Max 20.6%.

Mt Baw Baw’s short climb is infamous amongst 7 Peakers for its leg-bursting gradients. Rising 741 metres in just 6.5km, you’ll be hunting for more gears than you have as soon as you start. Start in Tanjil Bren or Noojee and enjoy the scenery before hitting the hill.

ROADIE TIP: Manage your brakes carefully on the descent. She's steep.

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Ride High Country | 7 Peaks Mt Baw Baw

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