Roper’s Glimpse of Bogong 

Telemark Street Falls Creek Victoria

Leaving the village of Falls Creek, ride out to Watchbed Creek and start the ascend of the Big River Fire Trail.

This is the same line used in the Hoppet International Cross-Country Race.

Arriving at the turn off to Mt Nelse hike out to embrace the view of the Main Range of NSW, whilst enjoying a morning tea. Then ride further towards the majesty of Mt Bogong and the lunch destination of Ropers Hut. This hut is surrounded by snow gums and has an exquisite river setting. After lunch return on the Big River Fire trail taking note of the abundant wildflowers that bloom with extra zealous in the valley behind Spion Kojpe. Arriving at Nelse Lodge by 3:30pm.

This experience is provided by Falls Creek Guides

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