Hannah-Leigh Wolki

I’m 22 years old from Albury. I didn’t play a single sport growing up and considered myself unathletic. When I was 18 my family got into the cycling industry through retail (Cycle Station Albury). After lots of hesitation I finally got a bike (a hybrid!) I started to love it and eventually got a road bike.

My 2017 resolution was to take my cycling to the next level. I thought the 7 peaks challenge was beyond my capabilities, but decided to ride up Mt Buller and convinced a few local girls to go with me. I absolutely loved it! I kept riding and within 7 weeks I had completed all the 7 peaks! I typically ride 3 times a week and run a cycling group for women called ‘Chicks That Ride’!

There are so many benefits to cycling, which is why I love it so much. From a health point of view, I am the fittest I have ever been and have lost 8kg recently due to cycling. Also, the community is so great and I enjoy trying out new loops and cycling groups.

My first peak was Mt Buller. I had heard of the 7 peaks so I got 2 girls to come with me and give it a go. It was my first ride in the alpine region. I completed all 7 peaks from mid January to 8th march. It’s hard to have a favourite- I like them all for different reasons. I really enjoyed Buller and Buffalo because they are a steady gradient, but I rode to the horn on Buffalo where the views were amazing, but it was a tough climb! I rode Baw Baw the day before they closed it because of road works. I rode over 2km of gravel up Baw Baw, which meant it was very slippery going up and also down (the guy behind me blew his carbon wheel due to overheating the brakes!). One of my favourites was Lake Mountain because of the beautiful Yarra ranges.

I love the descents, the views are incredible at every mountain and you get to enjoy it more on the way down especially with the elated feeling of completing the climb! It was a great opportunity to see parts of my home country that I’ve never seen before.