Jennifer Williams

I always had a bike as a kid and came back to cycling after years as a couch potato. My cycling really took off once I retired a couple of years ago and now I have the time to ride a lot, usually about 250 km per week. It is possible I may have 5 bikes.

Cycling keeps me relatively fit and I love being outdoors. I’m quite happy solo but ride with local people a couple of times a week. It’s a great way to see what is going on in your local area and you can cover a large distance relatively quickly. I love riding along the beach and never tire of it.

The challenges, mainly relate to getting women on bikes. Set small goals and once you have accomplished them think big. Think positive and you can do it. Find other women to ride with, to learn from and gain confidence. If someone had said a few years ago you’ll ride up hills, I wouldn’t have believed them!

Life is tricky coming from the flat lands of Melbourne’s west without many hills to practice on. I managed to climb Lake Mountain in the previous season after a few trips to the Dandenongs and Mount Macedon. Then in 2016 I decided to start off with a couple of peaks and see how it panned out. Between October and December I climbed all 7, some with friends and others solo. Finishing them off became an obsession after Mt Baw Baw. This was the turning point, I knew I could finish them if I could make it up Baw Baw. In January I returned to the North East and climbed Mount Buffalo for fun!

The North East is loved for its scenery and wineries. One of the best things is the berry farm sorbet on a hot day. I keep coming back to this area, as there is always something else to see or do.