Ride Holidays Victoria

Ride Holidays cycle tours are achievable for anyone who rides a road bike, not just the serious cyclist. Generally there are three rides to choose from: the less challenging ‘cappuccino’ (60km), ‘latte’ (80km) and the espresso for those keen on 100km or more.

What's more, Ride Holidays encourage non-riding partners (Team Macchiato!) to join their tours. To ensure they enjoy themselves equally, we tailor events and activities throughout the tour for them. They won't just be sitting in the back of a van watching cyclists.

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High Country Womens Cycling

We're Clare and Michelle, and we run High Country Women’s Cycling (HCWC). We are incredibly passionate about all things cycling, especially cycling in Victoria’s beautiful High Country! HCWC all began with a small idea… that led to a Festival… and now a number of other unique, female-focused group experiences in the region.

Fostering an inclusive atmosphere on our tours, we balance the amazing rides with equally amazing off-bike activities. Case in point - we even have a "prosecco partner"!

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Bespoke Cycle Tours

We conduct experiential small group cycle tours in Victoria's High Country.

Our seven day N.E. Victorian Grand Tour is much more than a fun cycling holiday on the High County Rail Trail and the regions quiet back roads ... the 350 km itinerary is carefully crafted to ensure clients have time to absorb the regions culture and history, enjoy its special food and wine and relax each night in comfortable boutique accommodation. There's time also to meet with a range of local characters – be they farmers, wine-makers, artisans or community leaders.

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