Milawa Cheese Company 

17 Factory Road Milawa Victoria
10:00 - 16:00
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Milawa Cheese Company are a family of cheese lovers turned cheesemakers who create mind-blowingly-good artisan cheese in Victoria's high country.

It starts with the milk. Fresh and local, from contented cows and goats farmed by people we know by name.

Then they get hands on. And they really do mean hands on. All their cheeses are made and matured by hand using a combination of traditional European techniques and a distinctly Australian sense of adventure.

And they don't let the cheese out of their sight until it's ripe and ready for you to enjoy.

They offer award-winning, small batch beauties for every kind of cheeselover - from creamy bries to stinky washed rinds to the freshestchèvre.

But in the end it's their cheese that does the talking. Whenever they hand someone a wedge to try, their eyes light up. And that says it all.

The building also hosts local producers Milawa Bread, Wood Park Wines and Wattle Tree Gift Collection, offering a well-rounded experience in the heart of the Milawa Gourmet Region.


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