Mystic Mountain Bike Park is built by riders, for riders. There's something here for all mountain bikers, with a large network of local-built cross country trails alongside the pro-built gravity trails. Warm up on the flatter, twisty riverside trails before gaining altitude on the up tracks and sending it as fast as you dare on the way back down. The riverside XC trails double up as excellent riding options for kids or beginners, and if you don't like riding uphill you can hire an e-MTB or book a day of shuttles.

All this in a town - Bright - that's mad about cycling with great support services, bike hire (mountain, hybrid and electric bikes), pubs, cafes, restaurants, plenty of accommodation options and more. The Ovens River flows through the centre of town and the water park area at its confluence with Morse's Creek is perfect for a quick cool down after your ride. Follow that up with a beer at the brewery or dinner in town and you've pretty much nailed the perfect day on the bike.


Hero Trail Bright | Ride High Country

You’ll feel like you’re flying when you tackle Mystic’s Hero Trail. Deep manicured berms, big table tops and gap jumps, ramps and a whole lot of fun; the trail is the jewel in Mystic Hill’s crown. If big gravity is your thing then get yourself up here and ride or shuttle to the top, you’ll be smiling from ear to ear after just one run.


Smash out an XC workout by linking some of the twisty, rooty climbs on Mystic Hill with the flowing single track descents in between. Tackle the trails from Hazeldine Road including the tight and twisting Cork Screw, then keep up the cadence as you head through Caros.  Be rewarded by dropping into Fly by Night and take a bite out of Rhys Pieces before cooling your heels on the ride down the Gully. Or just ride the Up DJ / Down DJ loop all day long - it's worth it.

Bright Mystic Mountain Bike Park
Bright Mystic | Ride High Country

Regardless of whether you're an Aussie Olympian warming up for a solid session (like Bec here) or fresh to the MTB game, Bright's riverside trails and Pump Track and Playground offer rewarding, mostly flat singletrack. Hone your cornering skills, get to know the Bright trail surfaces and whoop your way in and out of the pines on these easier trails before stepping up to the harder stuff.


High above Mystic Mountain Bike Park it's common to catch a glimpse of the amazing paragliders circling overhead. Mystic Mountain has long been a popular destination for this gravity-defying sport, and if you climb right to the top of the park you might be lucky enough to catch one taking off from the Mystic Ramp, high above town. After you've figured out whether they're legends or crazy, drop into Elevation or World Cup DH and see if you can beat them to the bottom.

Bright Mystic Paragliding
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You can't go past the Bright Brewery for a refreshing ale or bite to eat after a day on the trails. The team are avid mountain bikers and may even share their most prized secret trails with you. Behind the brewery is the Ovens River, a perfect spot to take a refreshing dip.


In 2013 HVP Plantations (Mystic is located on plantation land), Alpine Shire Council, the Alpine Cycling Club, the North East Victoria Hang Gliding Club and the Bright & District Chamber of Commerce all sat down and formed the independent not-for-profit community group Alpine Community Plantation (ACP).

HVP licenced ACP to oversee the management of recreational activities within their plantation estate, with ACP taking on the responsibility of land management. It works closely with the Alpine Cycling Club to manage the mountain bike trail network - ACC has designed, built and maintained the vast majority of Mystic's trail network, including the infamous Mystic DH, and ACP has assisted by delivering more recent flow additions like Hero and Shred Kelly's Last Stand through government funding.

Club volunteers have dedicated countless hours to looking after the trails, increasingly so with a rise in popularity of the trail network.

So when you're next chilling with a beer after a day spent riding the Mystic trails, tip your hat to the crew who make it all posslble!