Jen Robertson

I’m just on the “good” side of 40, desk job with a love for the outdoors. I started road riding a few months ago after signing up for the Ascent with a friend. We do like a challenge! We try to go for a 40-50km ride every weekend for training but sometimes hard to juggle with kids. I now own 2 bikes – my husband has more!

I love to explore either on foot or bike (or skis). Road riding has such a social aspect to it that I really enjoy. It provides time out, exercise, fresh air and a mental challenge, especially when there is that new hill to conquer or segment to beat.   It’s very easy for women to put themselves last but we need to prioritise ourselves sometimes. Cycling is my form of exercise and mindfulness, plus a great excuse for catching up with my girlfriend. Nothing beats cycling with a good friend!

My first and only peak (so far) is Lake Mountain, excluding Donna. That first stretch out of Marysville is a killer but after that is pure bliss.  Beautiful environment and I had a fantastic friend to ride with. I’m looking forward to more!

My husband is also a great supporter and has more belief in my abilities than me.  He’s my best form of encouragement.  Best off bike experience: Bright Brewery – need I say more!?!